Last week was a very exciting week for us as we welcome our fellow members from Enactus Foothill College. The reason for their visit coming down all the way from California, U.S.A is for the collaborative initiative of the ongoing eco-brick project at Wizkids Extended Care Centre and to conduct an Innovation Bootcamp with a group of students from SMJK Kuching High. The 3-day session among the students of both Enactus Foothill College and also Kuching High School shows the initiative of Enactus Foothill College to do an Innovation Bootcamp where they learn how to do critical thinking on reaching solutions for a problem within the community in Kuching. 

Not only that, they have visited places that Enactus Unimas has laid their projects on such as helping Sarawak Eco Brick Project, a project piloted by Enactus Unimas to tackle plastic waste pollution. We had a great time bringing our foreign friends around Kuching town to Waterfront, Sarawak Cultural Village and visiting Alan Wei’s farm, Hornbill Farm. They had learnt our local culture of the various ethnics available here in Sarawak and also getting to know about natural farming, hot composting and vermin composting available in Kuching, Sarawak.  Also, during their last day with us, they had the opportunity to meet Startup Borneo, Abdul Qaiyum

Although today was their departure off from Kuching, nonetheless, we have spent much time to get to know how Enactus Foothill works and for sharing their knowledge and wisdom to improve at our side. Hopefully there will be more initiative between them and us to move forward more for our own community at both sides.




Photographed by: Enactus Unimas

Written by: Xue En

Advisors and students from Enactus Foothill College visiting Enactus Unimas for the first time. This is their arrival and had a quick grabs before going to Unimas.

The students from Enactus Foothill College visiting Alan Hua Foung Wei ‘s farm, Hornbill Agriculture Farm. The farm has a food waste compost facility to produce fertilisers for his crops. The students, though under the sun and the smell overwhelmed them, but they presevere throughout the one hour session of doing food waste composting and have learn the benefits of tackling food waste through this method.

Seeing here is Alan Hua Foung Wei, founder of Hornbill Agriculture Farm. He is telling the students on ways to cultivate crops through natural farming, a safe and cheap method he use for his crops with food waste compost as fertilizers.

Students from the Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak attending a dinner together on their 2nd last day.

Students from the Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak attending a dinner together on their 2nd last day.

Last night together with Enactus Foothill College and Enactus Unimas. Seafood cuisine filling the hungry belly after a week of hard days week together. Also present during the dinner is Abdul Qaiyum, chairman of StartUp Borneo.

Presenting a token of appreciation from Enactus Unimas and Enactus Foothill College. Also present is Abdul Qaiyum of StartUp Borneo who acts as an external advisor for Enactus Unimas. He gives advices to students on how to propel forward better in tackling social problems within the community but same time to be able to sustain themselves in the course of it.

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